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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Michelle,

    There's two potential integration:

    1. Jobs - having the jobs in your JobScore account show up in switchapp
    2. Candidates - having the candidates recommended by switchapp pushed into jobscore.

    Jobs: It seems that what you are requesting, however, is to get your jobs from your jobscore account directly into switchapp.  All of your open jobs in JobScore are published as an RSS feed and it would be possible for SwitchApp to grab them for you and put them into your account - but I'm pretty sure that's not something we can do for you.

    Candidates: JobScore currently integrates with Job Boards that drives candidates to apply for your jobs.  At this time there is not a way to programatically insert candidate information directly into your JobScore account (i.e. take a matched profile from switchapp and push it into jobscore directly) - but that's something we are looking into for Q4 of 2015 or Q1 of 2106.

    If you'd like to have a technical person from switchapp contact us at support@jobscore.com we'd be happy to point them at the relevant documentation for them to grab your jobs and insert them directly - and keep your eye on the Jobscore updates area (updates.jobscore.com) for information about supporting integrations to add candidates directly from other systems.

    Let us know if this prompts questions or if there's anything else we can help out with.


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