It would be great to be able to add the job description as an attachment to the calendar invite, similar to the candidates resume.

The interview panel can change from time to time depending on our candidates schedule and its important for us to make sure the interviewing team has a clear understanding of what we are looking for for the position

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Jenica,

    Sorry for the slow response here.  At this time the Job Title in the calendar invite emails and the published calendar events are supposed to be hyperlinked to the page in JobScore that includes the job description.  If that is not the case, please send a screenshot of a published calendar event to support@jobscore.com and we'll get that fixed up for you.

    If this doesn't solve your problem, could you please let us know what else we'd need to do?


    Also, JobScore includes robust "note template" functionality with many of our customers use to create interview scripts - so that interviewers are prompted to ask the right questions in interviews...  you might want to give that a try.  Please contact support@jobscore.com if you need a hand setting up your note / interview templates.

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