We have different payouts at times for different openings, sometimes we run promotions for double the bonus for specific roles. It would be great to assign different types of referrals with different amounts by job.

Ex. $500 for passing along a LinkedIn profile and email address (Lead) or $2,500 for passing along a resume for someone you've spoken to (Referral)

Ex. $5,000 for a developer vs $2,500 for inside sales, etc etc. 



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    Dan Arkind

    Good news kelsey.  We already support setting up custom referral rewards per job. just click on the job and edit it... or you can edit it from the upper left hand corner when you click to request referrals.

    At this time we don't distinguish between leads and referrals in the system, sorry. We've discussed this difference with customers over the years but haven't had a consistent answer.  I think you may need to make this designation in some way other than our tracking - we just track if it was a referral... as in, who sourced the person, not how well they know them.  It doesn't feel like self reporting is the right answer and I'm not sure there's any way for the system to determine that.  Additional ideas would be welcome.

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