It would be great if there was a way to set up a custom signature in JobScore emails, aside from creating a template for each type of email for every user.  I'm aware of how to add it to a template - but it's overly burdensome to edit every email template for every user.


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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for reminding us of this request.  For many years we didn't add it because we didn't support html in email templates... but now we do. 

    I'm curious how other people feel about this one.

    How much would you want to format your signature?  When we've heard this in the past people wanted to have *exactly* the same email signature they had in their own email client (especially with two way email sync -- that way you really wouldn't be able to tell which emails were composed in JobScore and which were in your own email client - which is cool).

    So, how formatted is your email signature so we get this right.

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    DeAnna Alm

    My email signature is mostly text, but includes a .png of our company logo.  I like the idea of an exact duplicate signature.

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    Dan Shelkrot

    Hi Dan - Below is my email signature.  

    Daniel Shelkrot

    Vice President, Talent Acquisition



    901 K Street NW, Suite 450

    Washington, DC 20001

    (202) 900-8524 




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