Filter and sort jobs by Hiring Manager on the Job Manager page

To address multiple Hiring Managers institute a Primary, Secondary Hiring Manager and base the sort off the Primary Hiring Manager 

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Dan, on the job manager page you can sort by user.  The results are shown in a recruiter and a hiring manger column in the table.

    You are correct that you can't sort the list by user (recruiter or hiring manager) at this time (nice catch).

    A question, however.  I looked things up and when we built this control it was for a customer who only needed to build lists of jobs for individual users one by one (so they wouldn't need sorting, just filtering) - they actually bookmarked these lists so they could look at sunil's jobs, mark's jobs, Janine's jobs, etc.

    Could you please provide some context about your ask as it sounds like you need something different?

    Furthermore, we're a little confused by your primary and secondary hiring manager request.  Do you routinely have jobs open that report to more than one person?!?  This would be a very significant change to JobScore and we'd like to understand what it is you are trying to accomplish with this ask.


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