It would be cool if I could have an inbox in Jobscore so I am not going back and forth between my email and the application. 

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    Dan Arkind

    Hey Angie,

    Thanks for the note.  Toggling between JobScore <> your email is something we've thought about a lot.  We've spent a lot of time building features to minimize the need to do this for power users.  If you wouldn't mind providing a little more context, I'd love to understand in more detail which back and forth interactions you are trying to minimize. But first, I'll run through some of the features we have to minimize this back and forth to make sure you are already taking advantage of them (maybe we already have part of what you need):

    • Last year we built two-way email sync, so that all emails you send back and forth to candidates would show up automatically in the system - so you can just work naturally from JobScore or your own email and not worry about data entry. I would normally prompt you to try out our two-way email synchronization feature, but it looks like you already have it turned on!
    • Before that we spent a bunch of time making it so that you could send emails directly to JobScore - so, for instance you can add a candidate by emailing a resume to resume@inbox.jobscore.com or a note by emailing note@inbox.jobscore.com. There's information about email inboxes here >>
    • We took it a step further by supercharging email inboxes so you can send email and make JobScore "do more stuff" like make a note private or assign a candidate using email commands >>
    • Our design center for the emails JobScore sends you (aka alerts) are around people who are low-volume users (think interviewers, hiring managers) to get them data somewhat infrequently - and, ultimately, to drive them back into the web / mobile user experience.  Our expectation is that power users will likely turn off most of our core alerts about candidates, notes and more (you mostly work from the application, not email).  That said, we made it so you can just reply to some emails to add a note to the system (so you don't have to toggle out of email).

    JobScore does not have a tab or interaction called "inbox" at this time but the homepage is designed to be your primary to-do list (it's the "Hiring Dashboard" area) and is based on your job assignments and workflow stages... there's also a list of upcoming tasks on the right (But that's really about syncing with your calendar, not really to dos).

    Sorry for this really long answer, but I'm hoping to understand exactly why you are having to toggle back and forth between email and how we can make this problem go away for you as I know it can really stink.

    Every recruiter has a different workflow and in this context I'd love to understand how we can make things better.

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