When assigning a candidate to a job, have a drop down option to send the candidate an email that we've identified a position that they may be interested in and add a note in the candidate's record saying - applied for X position, X recruiter assigned to Y position.

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    Dan Arkind

    Hey Dan,  I think what you are trying to do can be accomplished with some account configuration.  To re-iterate your request as a standard part of your process when someone does not apply for a job (you source them) you want to add them to JobScore, assign them to the job, send them an email that they are interested and prompt the person sending it to add a note to the candidate - is that correct?  If so, maybe try this:

    1. When adding candidates to JobScore you can assign them to a job, or assign existing candidates in your account to a job.  This is a discreet step you'll need to do first, as most everything in JobScore is tracked based on Job Assignments
    2. You could add a stage to your workflow called "pursuing" or sourced" - you'd likely want to be putting everyone you are actively trying to reach to recruit for the role in this stage.
    3. You could create an action template for that stage that will, all at once, move the candidate to the stage as well as open the email template of your choosing.

    While you will have to do this in two steps (assign + action template), hopefully it will meet your needs in seconds.  Your account manager should be able to help you set this up - and if it doesn't work, please add some feedback here to keep the conversation going!

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