Can you please add personality and skill tests. I am getting a lot of peple lying on their resume

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Paul - did you have integration with a specific vendor in mind?  Right now in JobScore we allow you to ask custom questions but we can't verify people are telling the truth.  Many of our customers take two specific tactics to address this problem

    1. Many run background checks on candidates.  We are pre-integrated with a background check provider (just check "Screen Background" from the three dots menu to get started)

    2. Others ask candidates to complete assessments.  Hopefully you preferred assessment provider is online.  The way they do this is to forward candidates the assessment link in an email template (which you can easily forward to candidates, even in bulk) and then they forward the results of the assessment back into JobSCore by sending them to note@inbox.jobscore.com

    If this wasn't what you had in mind, could you please provide some more detail on which vendor(s) you were hoping to use and how you saw the tests integrating with our solution?

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