I am scheduling interviews for people in both the Eastern and Central time zones.  When I go to look at Tasks Created by Me, the tasks are displayed in my time zone.  So if I want to summarize them back to someone, I have to remember to convert the time shown by an hour.  It would make much greater sense to me if a task were shown in the time zone in which it is to occur.

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for this note.  This sounds frustrating.  Before I try to talk about a solution, I'd like to confirm something.

    It sounds like you are trying tor review all the interviews you scheduled in JobScore, filter them down to look at the tasks you scheduled for a specific user and then find a way to export this information from JobScore and send it to the interviewer (likely by email) - is that right?

    I understand the specific ask, I'd just like to understand more specifically what you are trying to accomplish before we make a change that will impact all users.




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