It would be very helpful if you could set up Jobscore to automatically run specific reports on a daily/weekly basis and have them emailed to the appropriate person. This would be very useful for executives who just want a report in their inbox each week of various recruiting activities. Several other ATS's already do this. 

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Tania,

    Thanks for this request!  We are quite aware of this request as it's come in a number of times over the years.  I'm curious to see if it gets voted up here.

    Here's the workaround we suggest

    • All reports in JobScore when you run them have a unique URL. 
    • What we recommend that you do is create the report and copy the URL of the report that you want the executive to see
    • Create a recurring event on their calendar to review the report and drop a link to the report(s) into the calendar event.

    This effectively pushes them a notification to review one or more reports at a regular interval and has worked great for many of our clients.

    Even better, some folks have executives bookmark reports in their browser, so they can just look at them whenever they want!

    Happy Hiring!


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