I understand that the forwarding ability was taken aways since you can add a note and email it. The problem is that missing the subject line is a big issue and was part of my agreement with people on the receiving end on prioritizing on subject lines specially on requests for onsites or sending HR docs and etc... 

If you you don't want to bring back this feature, can you at least provide flexibility to include or change the subject line otherwise, all will read adding a note and hard to differentiate the note and many are receiving the same note. SUbject line will allow prioritizing wo having to read the content in detail. 




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    Dan Arkind

    Hey Farri,

    Wonderful to have you contributing here in the ideas forum.

    After reading your request here I've renamed this idea to: Allow customization of email subject line when emailing a candidate to a colleague using "email note to" -- hopefully that accurately reflects what you are looking for.

    I recall a conversation with you a few years back going through your workflow where you described forwarding candidates to people at different stages for different reasons.  A few of them think we've added specific features for.

    1. Sending them to HR to do something, likely post hire as part of onboarding - we've added the ability to forward candidate information as part of the HIRE candidate form, so hopefully you won't need to do that anymore.

    2. We've added the ability to send automated pre-interview reminders to folks before scheduled interviews, so, again, hopefully you aren't using forward candidate to send information to people before each interview.

    I'd be happy to look into restoring this functionality, but we were hard pressed to come up with specific examples of when you'd need to customize the subject... it seemed that if you were bothering to email someone, you'd hope they'd read it and get back to you...  however, you are a much more active user of the system than we are.

    Can you give us a few more examples of how and when you were customizing subject lines so we can get this prioritized, and maybe even add these examples as templates for all customers?

    Thanks again!

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    Dan Shelkrot

    I completely agree with Farri.  Can you allow the option to customize the Subject of the email?

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