We miss having the option to have Ratings in Notes templates.  We use Note templates to get feedback on resume submittal and interview feedback reminders.

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Dan,

    The removal of the thumbs up/thumbs down ratings from notes was a very deliberate user experience decision.

    Our goal is to have users ONLY use "ratings" as a structured way to evaluate candidates after interacting with them... this is one of the reason we separated out interviews from notes and put the ratings only in interviews.

    While your use of notes (to discuss candidates) is the intended use case, we'd recommend having a conversation with your user base about using ratings in interviews-only and simply writing comments or go-no-go for submitted candidates.

    Our standard recommendation for customers that have a formal "recruiter submits resume to hiring manager for review and approval" step in their hiring process is that they create a manager review stage (which they put the candidate into) and then they ask the manager to actually either decline the candidate or send the scheduling request email for the recruiter (usually on someone else's behalf using an email template).

    Should this prompt additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask your account manager.

    Hopefully this trend towards structured, measurable interview feedback using ratings makes sense, and you can see how using them for other purposes will pollute the data & end up causing problems.

    Happy hiring!


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