We have multiple locations across the east coast and Midwest. I would like to be able to search a name by my location. As of now, whenever I search a name, several of the same comes up and I have to click through all of the list to find the person in my area that has applied for my location. Some names you wouldn't even think is common has multiple people that have applied from Alabama to Illinois to Pennsylvania and so forth but at our locations there. 

names should come up that have applied to my location.

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    Dan Arkind


    Are you suggesting that we filter candidates in our search results based on the location(s) on their home location address (likely zip code) or the job they applied for.

    When you type-to-search for candidates if multiple candidates come up with the same name, you can resolve this using the search page, where there is the location filter it sounds like you are asking for and which you can use right now)

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