* Unable to add attachments to the notes when in mobile (and, strangely, even when I change it on my mobile to the 'desktop version' the attachment feature isn't visible)

* Hiring managers have complained that the button to make a note private - where you indicate who it can be shared with - and the one to email it to someone is easy to mix up because they're right next to each other (it took me a while as well to train my brain, as I kept accidentally sharing notes instead of making them private and vice versa). Also viewing attachments for them via mobile is not user friendly, which is pretty important when you're attaching candidate technical exercises.

* Also when someone makes a note private for my visibility, I do not get notifications even though I've always gotten notes notifications in the past and my settings are set up on that job to do this. This last one seems to be a frequent issue where I have had to reach out to helpdesk to get something 'reset' so that I get notifications again.

Please improve - never good when a hiring manager says that your ATS needs better UI...and I've been using y'all for 8 years...



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    Jesse Papocchia Official comment

    Hi Aimee,

    Thanks for the suggestions, we really appreciate it. We have added support for the ability to add attachments to notes when doing so on a mobile device. We're sorry this was overlooked for so long!

    When a user marks a note as private we made a deliberate decision to force an extra step when sharing that content. We do change the messaging shown to the user to clearly indicate what will take place. For instance when a user checks the 'Mark private' box the 'Email note:' text changes: 'Select who can view this private note'.

    Below that message is a checkbox to alert those users of this private note via email. Many have voiced concerns regarding private notes and did not want those messages automatically emailed on their creation without the user confirming this should be done.

    We welcome any feedback and appreciate your time!

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