I like the scoring / weighting ability in jobscore, and I'd love to see this extended. Being able to weight resumes on certain terms is great. What would be even better in reviewing resumes is if similar rules could auto-decline candidates. There are many times that resumes seem to be submitted that simply don't match the job description in ways that don't overall reduce the score enough.

For example, I'd like to add a term that if it is not found in the resume text or skills, auto-decline. The candidate might have enough of the score weighting items to not yield a low score, but if one of a few skills is completely missing, it'd be great if the system could filter those out.

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the suggestion.  This has come up a few times, and while we understand it, it's unlikely we'll implement it exactly as described anytime soon (barring lots of votes here).  Here's how you can achieve a similar result.

    You are correct that the scoring system does not support binary go/no go criteria, and we're unlikely to add this capability here.  What you are describing is commonly frequently referred to as a "knockout question" in a job application form.

    The good news is that you can accomplish this in JobScore, just not using Scoring criteria. What you can do is add a candidate question and make it required in your job application form.  You can even add several of these if you like.

    To easily review answers, use the tab on the Candidate Manager with the "by answer" label.  If you click on candidates in the primary navigation, it's the second tab.

    From here you can filter to only show candidates that answered questions with a specific answer (like, for instance, they gave the wrong answer to your knockout question) ... then you can easily review and bulk decline them.

    While this doesn't "automagically" knock out candidates based on specific criteria without your involvement, it's pretty close.  Our customers who hire this way typically set up these questions, build the candidate manager filter with the knockout filters, bookmark it and then return to bulk review and decline these candidates periodically.

    The process here would be to first bulk-review-and-decline based on answers to knockout questions then using the scoring to sort the remaining candidates.


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