Our employees have the 'limited' access on JobScore. When they refer a candidate, however, they can view the stage the candidate is in the pipeline (recruiter screen, zoom interview, or declined). We have had an instance where a referrer went into the system and noticed their rereferral candidate was in the decline stage, however both him and the candidate had not yet been notified, as our decline emails are on a 2 day delay. This resulted in the referrer becoming upset/confused why he hadn't been notified yet. Is there a way to restrict our 'limited' access users to not see the candidate stage?

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Hannah,

    Thanks for writing in about this.  When we built this feature for users to be able to see the stage of their referrals we were aware the scenario you are describing was possible.  Sorry that it happened to you.  When we built it we thought the benefits of users being able to check on their referrals on their own far outweighed this potential risk.

    Our recommendation thus far has been that when you train users on JobScore's referral functionality you simply let them know that they can check the status on their own and if they have questions to inquire.

    We considered a few other ways to address this problem but none really felt like the right answer.  If I'm reading your request correctly you want to completely turn off this feature - so, effectively, your users will never know the outcome of what happened with their referrals?

    We did discuss adding a feature that automatically notifies users (the referrer) when action is taken on their referrals (good or bad) but this seemed necessarily noisy and had the potential for even bigger problems.

    I'm curious what the community feels about this and to hear if you have any ideas other than "user training" or "turn it off completely" to address this concern.

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