When positions are open for both internal and external applicants, there's no way for an internal applicant to flag that they are an employee.  As a recruiter, this is critical information to have at-a-glance and the current workaround is to have them come through as "referrals".  

This doesn't make sense as it's a separate category of its own (and can also include external referrals).  It's equally confusing and unintuitive for internal applicants who are attempting to notate their employee status by having to mark themselves as a referral simply b/c there is no other option.

I'd like to suggest that Jobscore add INTERNAL to the list of sources so applicants are quickly able to identify themselves accurately; and so recruiters are able to easily/quickly flag these individuals for review - especially when there's a large talent pool.  It will also help with accurate metrics/reporting on how many internal applicants are in the system, applying, etc. 


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