How to add Candidate Referrals Manually

Refer a Candidate: All Access Levels but Limited

*For Limited access users, scroll below to see how to refer a candidate through the system.*

For all other user access levels, follow the following steps to refer a candidate through the system.

Toggle over the "+" button and click "Add Candidate".


Fill out the form and change the source to "User". Check the "referred by" box and fill out the additional information to complete the referral. 

In the upper left hand corner, there will be a white box where you can drag and drop resumes.

Check the "Assign to Job" box and fill out the information. You can also add a note if you like. 



To complete the candidate referral, make sure you click "Add" in the lower right hand corner. 


Refer a Candidate: Limited Access Level

As a Limited user, you will be able to refer candidates through the "Refer and Share" box on the right hand side. 

Click "Refer a Friend" to refer a candidate for a particular job.


If you don't see the job listed, click the "Jobs" tab.


 Under "Action", you'll be able to click and refer candidates for the job you want.