How to add Custom Candidate Questions

Candidate questions are custom and standard questions that may be asked on a job application. There are 4 kinds of questions: text, checkbox, multiple choice, and file upload. These questions can be customized and sorted per your company’s liking.

To add questions to ALL jobs, follow the steps below.




To add questions to an existing job application, follow the steps below.

Click on the "Jobs" tab. 



Select the job you would like to add custom questions to. 



Click on the Apply Form tab and then click "edit". 





On the application, you can select whether or not you want a question to be required, optional, or hidden. All hidden items will have a tool tip next to them to remind you they are hidden.

Click "Insert Question Into Job Application" to add a question. 



You can choose to add an existing question...



...or add your own custom question.  Select the type of question you would like to ask (text, checkbox, multiple choice, or file upload).  Fill in the question name, question text (this is what the candidates will see when they are applying to a job), help text, check whether or not the question is confidential and required, and add any other additional details that are needed. 

When you are done, click "add" to update the job application. 



To add custom questions to a new job template follow the steps below. 

Click on the “+” button on the upper bar.


Select the "standard template" option and click "next".



Open the “job application” tab. Here you can add custom questions, change the order of questions, etc. You can chose an existing question or create a new one. Similar to above, when creating a new question, enter the topic of the question, the name, and select which type of question you want it to be. 



To search for candidate answers, follow the steps below. 

Candidate answers can be seen through the candidate’s record. Here you will be able to view the Candidate Manager page. Here you can see which candidates have applied to the job and their responses as well.  

To be able to sort and filter the questions by answer, click on the "by Answer" tab on the top. Use the "Refine Filter" button to sort by specific questions and answers.



Click "Filter by Questions and Answers" to filter candidates through their answers. From here, you can email a candidate, add notes, add tasks, forward a candidate, and assign a candidate to a job by clicking on the "action" button which is the 3 dots.