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What is two way email synchronization? How does it work?

Recruiting involves a lot of email with candidates. JobScore two way email sync automatically records the messages that you send to candidates and their responses. This means you won’t have to cut and paste emails into JobScore, they’ll show up automatically. Two way email sync completely removes the need to do data entry and helps you and your teammates get in a friction-less recruiting groove.

Email synchronization in JobScore doesn't require you to use any special email addresses or work in an unusual way.  Once you've connected your email, you just send and receive email using whatever email client you want and everything "just works."

Once you turn on email synchronization, emails are added to candidate records and are grouped int threads that look like this:





  • Email synchronization is an opt-in only feature.  JobScore only synchronizes email if a user gives permission... and only records emails between team members and candidates in your account.
  • JobScore only allows you to connect your own email, someone else cannot do it for you. If you are trying to connect a co-worker’s email, please forward them these instructions.

How to connect your email

  • Start from your my settings page, here >> In the emails area, click edit.
  • If the email address you want to connect is listed in the table with “no” in the synced column, click the pencil icon to edit it. If the email you want to sync is not listed, click the add email link at the bottom of the table.
  • After you’ve added your email, JobScore will automatically detect if your email is powered by Google. If so, just click the checkbox to “Synchronize candidate emails” and you are good to go.
  • If your email is powered by another service like Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 you’ll need to do a little more work. You will need to enter your IMAP and SMTP information for your email server, which may require a little help from your IT department (see next screenshot).  If you see information inserted for the host & port values, we recommend you leave it - because those values are already working for someone else at your company.


What happens when you turn on email sync

  • If you select “Import my old emails” when you connect, JobScore will search for old emails you’ve sent to candidates and emails that they’ve sent to you.  Any emails found are added to candidate records.
  • When candidates send you an email to the email address you’ve connected, it will be automatically be added to the candidate's record.
  • When you send an email from your own email client to the email address on the candidate’s profile, it will be automatically added to the candidate’s record.
  • As new email addresses are added to candidate records in your account, JobScore searches for old email conversations and adds them to the candidate’s record.
  • When you exchange emails back and forth with a candidate JobScore automatically group messages into threads so you can easily scan through long email histories.
  • When you compose and send emails from the JobScore user experience they will be sent using your primary email account.  If this email account is connected messages are not only stored  in JobScore, they will also appear in the sent items folder of your email client... because messages will be sent directly from your email, not from an email server.

Important: JobScore only synchronizes emails with the email addresses on candidate records. If you know you’ve been exchanging emails with a candidate but they aren't showing up in JobScore, please make sure you have the correct email address on the candidate's record.

Email synchronization and privacy

By default, synchronized emails can be viewed by any user who has access to a candidate’s record. Access to candidate records is controlled by user access levels and the hiring teams users are assigned to.

Just like notes, if you want to restrict access to a specific email conversations, you can click to make it private:




In the lightbox make sure to leave "Mark Private" checked. Coworkers that were on the actual email thread (they were cc:ed) can always read private emails (they always have access because they've already received the emails).  

Otherwise you can choose to grant access to users who were not included on the thread to private emails one by one:




Turning off email synchronization

If you don’t like having your emails synced in JobScore, turning it off is easy.  Just visit your my settings page, edit the email and check the box to turn off email synchronization.


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