How to setup Single Sign-On using Rippling SAML

At JobScore, we understand that hiring is a team sport, so we make it easy for your team members to access JobScore. If your company uses Single Sign-On (SSO) with Rippling SAML, please complete the steps detailed below.

Step 1: Locate and save your SAML Sign-On URL

Locate your ACS URL & Entity ID by accessing this page in JobScore and then jot it down.


Step 2: Setup SSO In Rippling

In a second browser window, log in to Rippling as an Administrator and select the JobScore app:


Click in “Setups” tab and then “Setup now”:


Input the “ACS URL” and “Entity ID” you retrieved from the JobScore in Step 1. Once complete, click the “Move To Next Step” button:


Proceed through the configuration steps until the installation is complete:



Step 3: Email JobScore to activate Single Sign-On for your account

Once you have completed the steps above and have configured Rippling SAML SSO for JobScore, please email with the date and time you would like to enforce SAML single sign-on for JobScore (when users will no longer be able to login using their JobScore username/password).

The JobScore success team will confirm receipt of your email and the scheduled date and time of the cut-over.

If you have any other questions, please contact