What is the shared recruiting calendar? How do I turn it on?

A common best practice for talent acquisition teams is to create a shared recruiting calendar.  The shared calendar makes it easy for everyone to see all of the interviews scheduled for each day, reducing chaos as interviewing activity scales.

The most common way organizations do this manually is to create a user or resource and manually add it to every interview they schedule.  Though this is possible in JobScore, we don't recommend it as JobScore includes a built-in feature to power a shared recruiting calendar.

How does the JobScore shared recruiting calendar work?

When you turn on the shared recruiting calendar every event scheduled in JobScore will automatically be added to the shared recruiting calendar.  This means the shared recruiting calendar will "just work" whenever you schedule, reschedule, or cancel interviews with no extra steps.

How to activate the JobScore shared recruiting calendar

Due to restrictions in both the Google Calendar API and the Microsoft Graph API, the JobScore shared calendar integration only works one way:

  1. You must use the Google Account App or Microsoft Account App.  The shared recruiting calendar will not work with Google or Microsoft User apps.
  2. You must create a unique user to power the shared recruiting calendar.  The integration will not work with an email alias, group, resource, or anything else. (We tried)
  3. You must take an extra step to activate the integration by adding the email address of the unique user you created to power the integration.  Edit these settings here in JobScore >>

microsoft-account_app-edit_account_settings_page copy (1) 2.png

Once you complete these steps JobScore will start adding, updating, and removing all events to this calendar, which your team can see natively in Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook calendar at their convenience.

We recommend configuring your calendar program so the appropriate user(s) can access the shared recruiting calendar, and/or coach your team members to not add, edit, or delete events that JobScore adds to it.