Isn't it a privacy violation to share someone's resume?

No. with JobScore the candidate must give permission for their resume to be shared. This permission is secured when the candidate applies to your company and chooses to be recommended for other job opportunities:

When you "Share" a resume, you are activating a copy that the candidate owns and has given permission to share. Candidates can log in to update their profile information, block specific employers, or completely turn off their profile at any time. For a complete picture of how JobScore works for applicants once their profile has been activated, please review our Job Seeker Tour.

JobScore employers don't expose people's personally identifiable information (PII) through the system. Candidates opt to do this themselves, and you have some control over if and when that happens based on whether you choose to screen, interview, and/or hire them.

Finally, no one has access to all of the profile information in the database (unlike typical job board resume databases and social networks). JobScore only shows anonymous profiles to matching employers with real jobs, and the candidate is notified each time their PII is released.

Still have questions? Check out our privacy policy for the nitty gritty details, or send us an email.