What is the JobScore Network?

The JobScore Network is similar to a resume database because we store and sell candidate information, but the similarities end there. The JobScore Network is more of a resume Recommendations service than a resume database.

  • Employers can't search through all of the resumes in JobScore. Candidate's information remains private until there is a two-way match between the job you're trying to fill and what the candidate is looking for.
  • When there's a match, JobScore recommends the candidate by showing you an anonymized version of the candidate's information (i.e., you can't see their personally identifiable information like their name, phone number, email address or resume).
  • If you like a candidate's anonymous profile, you can use credits to access their contact information. Whenever you choose to contact a candidate from the JobScore Network, we notify the candidate that you've accessed their information for the specific job.
  • We don't charge for an all-you-can-eat subscription - you contact candidates one-by-one using credits.