Why has my account been disabled?

JobScore suspends accounts based on suspicious or unauthorized activity on the site (abuse). Your account may have been suspended for one of the following reasons:

  • You are a third party recruiting firm. JobScore does not permit employment agencies to create employer accounts to run staffing services operations.  Employer accounts are created by, and owned by direct employers.
  • You are a multi-level marketer or are selling something. JobScore may not be used for multi-level marketing, ecommerce or any other non-employment related purpose.
  • You are misrepresenting who you are or you've signed up using the name, URL, or contact information of an existing account.
  • You are directing candidates to apply outside of JobScore using an email address, website URL, etc. in your job description.
  • Other violations of the JobScore employer agreement, privacy policy, or terms of service.

If your account has been erroneously suspended, we apologize. Please email support@jobscore.com with your name and phone number and we'll contact you to get things sorted out.