What custom fields are supported in Email Templates?

Email Templates and custom fields are only accessible by users with administrative privileges. Custom Email templates are only available if your company upgrades to the JobScore Professional or Enterprise Plan.

Custom fields make it easy to personalize email templates in JobScore. For instance, you can add the {candidate_first_name} custom field to a template and the candidate's name will be automatically inserted whenever you sent an email.

Not every custom field is applicable to each template. For instance, because Job Application Confirmations are auto-generated by the system, "Sender Full Name" and "Sender Job Title" won't work in that template.

The custom fields that will work in each template are included in the "insert field" drop down underneath the Message label in each template:



The easiest way to add custom fields is to place the cursor where you want the custom field to appear in the subject or message area and then select the field you want to insert from the "insert field" drop down list shown above.

A quick-list of all the custom fields can be found below: 

  • ${candidate_email}
  • ${candidate_phone_number}
  • ${candidate_first_name}
  • ${candidate_full_name}
  • ${company_name}
  • ${job_location}
  • ${job_title}
  • ${job_title_with_req}
  • ${sender_email}
  • ${sender_first_name}
  • ${sender_full_name}
  • ${sender_job_title}
  • ${sender_phone_number}
  • ${rss_feed_link} 

A few notes about custom fields:

  • Not only do all fields not work on all templates, but the list of supported fields may change based on your selections in the email template. For instance, if you are creating a custom email template and associate it with a status, you will be able to enter job-related information (like job title, or job location). However, if you remove the status association, JobScore won't necessarily know the job, so these fields won't work. Copying fields from one template to another won't work. We strongly recommend only using the fields currently shown in the template editor when adding or editing email templates.
  • Sometimes the information you are trying to pre-insert might not be available., For instance, a candidate might not have a phone number or an email address in their candidate card. If you choose to insert these values in the template and they are not avaliable the selector code (i.e. ${candidate_home_phone} will be shown in the template. If you are going to include phone number or other contact information in your templates we recommend not using the auto-send option and manually reviewing emails before sending them - as you may have unexpected results.