We're relaunching/merging/re-branding our company. How do I update JobScore to reflect this?

You’ve just been told that your company is changing its name - and you need to update your hiring brand in your JobScore account ASAP! Don’t fret, here’s a checklist to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

Typical Steps (you will need Admin access)

Log into your JobScore account

Click on gear icon > Careers Site > "EDIT" in the Careers Site Appearance section and upload new logo, if necessary



Click on gear icon > Account > Company Info & Settings


Click “EDIT” in the upper right of the Company Details section


  • Update the Company Name
  • Update the Company URL, if necessary
  • Update the LinkedIn Company ID, if necessary
  • Update the JobScore Careers Site URL, if necessary
  • Update the Logo, if necessary

Additional Information for Google Apps Customers

If your company is currently using Google Apps, and if you’ve installed our Google Marketplace App and are using Single Sign On (SSO), you will need to perform additional steps to preserve your Google Apps integration.

If your Google Apps “hosted domain” has changed, please determine if your new domain was set up either:

  • As a domain alias on your existing GApps account or
  • if a new GApps account has been created for the new domain and issued new logins to everybody.

Click here to learn more about domain aliases.

If your domain alias was set up on your existing GApps account, it’s a pretty simple switch.  We will need to change your account configuration to use your new domain alias. Please contact support@jobscore.com when you are ready to cut over and do that.

If you’ve created an entirely new Google Apps account for your new domain, the cut over will be more involved. We can move your existing company record to your new domain, but you will need to complete additional steps to tie your pre-existing user records (from your old domain) to the new domain’s users.

Important: Creating new user records instead of linking existing user records to those in your new domain will create problems, so please follow these steps carefully.

Step 1: Your Google Apps Admin needs to create a username/password in JobScore using the Forgot Password flow. Switching over will require users to take extra steps to update their sign-on credentials in JobScore - and given that this may lead to interrupted access for some, please communicate this cut over time to your team along with the information below. **It is not necessary for all your co-workers to complete this step prior to moving on to the next step but it’s a must for the Google Apps Admin**

Step 2: We at JobScore update the Google Apps configurations on your account. This includes updating your domain and deleting your old user openID.

Step 3: Once step 2 is done the ""old" SSO will stop working. This is why we try to coordinate with you before cutover - so your users all do step 1 and can sign in while steps 3-6 happen. Your Google Apps Admin installs the Google Apps Marketplace app on your new domain from our Marketplace page.


Step 4: At install Step 2 (External Configuration), click the link and that will take you to a JobScore page.


Step 5: Does <your company> already have a JobScore Account? Click YES


Step 6: You’ll now enter your username/password, click Log In and your account is now "hooked up" and you are federated!

  • Remaining step is to get your coworkers "federated".

Step 7: You’ll need to send around word to your coworkers to let them know that the new domain is set up at JobScore and you’re ready for them to federate.

Step 8: Users log in with SSO (your company domain), which first-time through will prompt them to use their username/password (set in step 1)user_setup.png

Note: If users don’t follow these instructions precisely and skip the username/password requirement, duplicate user records will be created - and the new user will not inherit history, job assignments, access to old notes, etc. This is recoverable, but JobScore charges services fees to merge duplicate users and recover related data.

Please email support@jobscore.com if you have any questions.