How do I search through the resumes in my account?

If you'd like to quickly find a candidate whose name you know, simply type the candidate's name in the search box located at the top bar of every page in JobScore. Names matching your entry will display and when you select a name, the candidate's record will display.

Now, to search through all the resumes in your account you'll want to visit the search page or go Candidate Manager page and filter the list by keywords. This is where you can search against each candidate's primary resume using keywords, job title, employer, zip code and other information captured on candidates' resumes.

Here are some tips to make your searching more precise:

  • Your search can contain Boolean operators and grouping including & (and), | (or), ! (not), (parenthesis grouping) and "phrase search".
  • By default, all words in your search will be joined with an implicit and operator, so "hello world" means that both "hello" and "world" must be present in order to be a match. The or operator precedence is higher than and, so looking for "cat | dog | mouse" means looking for "(cat or dog or mouse )" and not "(cat) and either dog or mouse". Negation (i.e., operator not) is only allowed on top level and not within parenthesis (i.e., groups)