How do I forward a candidate to a hiring manager for review?

When you want to share a candidate with a colleague JobScore makes it really easy to forward a candidate to someone in your company.

  1. From the Candidate Manager page, click Action > Add Note.


  2. Select the Note Template named Forward Candidate 
  3. Type a message about the candidate and any information or questions you want to share.
  4. Add the users you want to forward the candidate to:
  5. Click Update.  This will add the note to the candidate record and email the users you selected so they will see the candidate information in their inbox and have the ability to respond to your note.

Each time you add a note to a candidate it is captured in the candidate's history. To access the candidate's history, click his/her History tab. 


Note: The list of recipients is composed of users created in your JobScore account. If you want to forward a candidate to an employee whose name does not display, you'll need to first add them as a user or go to Admin > Users and click on Add User.