What is the hiring team?

At JobScore we believe that hiring is a team sport.  Every job includes a hiring team - which is the group of people responsible for filling a particular job.  All JobScore plans include unlimited users, so the idea is that you'd add your co-workers to the system and then assign them to the hiring team.


Each time you add someone to a hiring team, you'll be asked to make a few choices about how JobScore will work for them:

  • Role: Each person plays a role in the hiring process.  Roles include Hiring Manager, Recruiter, Interviewer and more.  Learn more about hiring team roles >>
  • Candidate Alerts: Controls if and when the hiring team member is notified when new people apply for your job.
  • Note Alerts: Controls if and when the hiring team member is notified when others add notes or interview feedback for candidates under consideration for your job
  • View Notes: Controls whether the hiring team member can read other people's notes on candidates for the job.  This control is very useful if you want team members to not be influenced by what others said about candidates before forming their own opinions.

Hiring team roles can also be assigned in the workflow - so, for instance, when you build the workflow you could set it up so that a person in a specific hiring team role is supposed to conduct a specific interview.

It's pretty common to need to add users as an interrupt action when you are putting together a hiring team.  When you add a user you'll need to set their access level, which controls what they can do in the system.  Details on the different access levels can be found here >>