We've hired someone using JobScore! What do I do now?

Excellent! We're glad to hear it! Here's how to wrap up the process in JobScore:

  1. While viewing the selected candidate's record, open the action menu for the appropriate job and move the candidate into the Hired stage.
  2. This will open up the Hire candidate wizard. You'll have to make a few decisions
    1. First, indicate whether you are done working on this role and want close it out or, you are going to keep working on this role and hire more people for the same position, choose to keep it open and clone the job.
    2. Enter the hire details including offer extended date, offer accepted date and the candidate's start date to ensure accurate time-to-hire reporting
    3. Verify the source of the candidate to ensure accurate source of hire reporting
    4. Verify that you want to make all the candidate's notes private (we recommend you do, you don't want people knowing what their co-workers wrote about them in the interview process!)
    5. If you posted the job to any job boards through JobScore you'll be prompted to remove the posting from the job boards (again if you are closing out the position for good we recommend you do this -- after the job is filled candidates won't be able to apply anymore)
    6. Once you are done you'll be prompted to share that you made a new hire on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter - if you enjoyed the process and want to offer JobScore some props, please share!

A few more best practices:

  • For reporting purposes we recommend updating the stage of other candidates assigned to the job you are filling and letting them know the job is now closed out.
  • You'll likely want to visit the candidate manager and move all pending candidates to "Declined"
  • Another great thing to do is to create an email template to notify everyone who wasn't hired that the job is now closed (a nice touch) - create an email template and make sure to turn on the "auto-send" feature. On the candidate manager select all the candidates you want to notify and send everyone an email and move them to declined in one step!

Congratulations again on your hire and if you have any additional questions about what to do when hiring people, please don't hesitate to contact support@jobscore.com