How do I add a job that has no location (i.e. a job where someone works from home/telecommutes)?

Sometimes you want to list a job where the employee isn't required to come into a physical office-location, but rather are allowed to telecommute, work remotely, or work from home.

With JobScore, although it's required to put a valid address for each job, you actually have the ability to customize exactly what location job seekers see. This way, you'll still be able to post to numerous job boards via our one-click posting, and candidates who view your Company website, the Job Description, or begin the job application process will see exactly what you want them to.

How to customize the locations shown to Job Seekers

  1. Go to Admin > Configuration > Locations 
  2. Add or Edit a Location

  3. Select the "Customize what job seekers see when they apply" checkbox

  4. Type in the "Location" you would like job seekers to see (e.g. Work from home, Telecommute, Remote, etc.)

  5. Click Add & you're done!

*** Please Note***  Since job boards require a location in order to post your listing, the valid city / state / country information that you enter will be used when you post the position to a job board through JobScore.


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