How do I add a job?

Before you get started, it's a good idea to write up your job description. To avoid html formatting difficulties, we strongly recommend that you compose your job in plain text (i.e., without formatting) then bold text, change fonts, add bullet points, etc. inside JobScore.

Once your job description is ready to go, here's how you add a job:

Step 1: Add Job Description

To add a job, click Jobs then on the Add Job button.

On the Add Job: Add Description page, paste in your job description. Update the formatting by using the controls on the page:




If you want your job to show up on your corporate careers site right away, set the job's status to Open. If you want other people to review and approve the job, set it to On Hold.



Check the Publish box to post the job to your careers site.

Step 2: Add Job Details

On the Add Job: Job Details page, enter all of the job details. You'll be prompted to set the department and location for the job. If you don't see the location or department you need in the list, then select "Add Department" and "Add Location" in the drop down lists to add new ones.



We strongly recommend entering as much information as you can in the Job Details as we use this information to match candidates for your jobs. If you are going to have the same answers pretty much all the time, we recommend you check the Prepopulate future jobs with the selections shown above box.

Step 3: Add Hiring Team

On the Add Job: Hiring Team page, you'll want to add everyone who will be involved with this hire to the hiring team, including recruiters, the hiring manager, HR professionals and everyone who will be interviewing candidates.

Make sure to set the Candidate Alerts and Note Alerts for each hiring team member – this determines who is sent emails when candidates apply and when notes for a particular candidate are created.



If someone you need to include on the hiring team is not shown in the users drop down, please select "Add User" in the User drop down list to add them to your account and then they'll show up on the list. We don't charge per user, so feel free to add everyone.



Once you've selected the hiring team you've added the job – but you aren't done yet. You'll need to post the job, share it with your network as well as prompt your co-workers to as well.



If you have more than two jobs to enter, keep reading! We've compiled some considerations to help you get started more smoothly.

Considerations When Adding Jobs

Here are additional considerations when adding your jobs:

  • We strongly recommend that you do not copy and paste job descriptions from Microsoft Word into JobScore. You'll be much happier if you save your Word documents as .txt files then copy and paste the raw text into JobScore. JobScore provides a full WYSIWYG editor with which you can create bullets, change fonts, and add bold and italics. We actually encourage customers to not compose descriptions in word processors, but rather add jobs straight into JobScore and iterate them in your account.
  • If you want a job immediately posted to your corporate careers site, then set its status to Open and check the Publish box when you're adding it. Posting to job boards is done separately, and not automatically. If for some reason you want to delay posting the job, then select On Hold as the status. Go this latter route if you're having additional people review the job or you're waiting to post all jobs concurrently after you enter them all.
  • If you're adding many similar jobs, you may consider making copies of an existing job. This way you can just make a few tweaks instead of going through the entire process. In JobScore, this is called cloning jobs.
  • In case you've been wondering, JobScore can't import your jobs programmatically for you. Jobs need to be added one at a time.
  • Be sure to complete everything on Add Job: Job Details page. We recommend completing all information, including compensation information, to help JobScore match candidates to jobs.
  • Save yourself time in the long run and set the default information for your jobs. By doing this, the information - including Job Details, Job Description, Benefits and Referral Reward - will pre-populate when adding new jobs. Creating a template is really useful to do from the get-go so all of your jobs have the same look and feel, have consistent messaging, and represent your company's brand effectively.
  • As we like to say, hiring is a team effort and we make it easy to get everyone involved. The first step in getting your team involved with JobScore is to assign your colleagues to the Hiring Team for jobs. When selected as a member of the Hiring Team, your hiring managers, interviewers and recruiters can receive notifications about candidate interest in their jobs. You'll need to add your co-workers as JobScore users before being able to add them as team members. Go here to add your team. When assigning colleagues to the Hiring Team, make sure to select their role and frequency for how often they will be alerted when candidates apply (i.e., immediate or weekly digest).
  • To get the most value out of candidate matching, one of JobScore's sweet spots, we encourage you to tune the scoring criteria.