How to Get Better Results with Referral Emails

First and foremost, write a great job description...if someone can't visualize themselves or one of their friends doing the job, they are unlikely to forward it along.

Second - include a referral reward! There's nothing like cash to motivate people to open up their address book and take a few moments to help promote your job.

Third - keep it short and simple... because the job description and referral reward amount are included in all JobScore referral requests, in your intro:

  • Include an update - maybe some information about a recent customer win, an office move, a recent hire, or something else exciting that's happening in your business

  • Talk about why the job is open

  • Ask them to forward it to great people they know

  • Make sure to say thank you!

  • Consider adding a reward for referrals who you hire.
  • Include your name and contact information in case they have questions