What are Note Templates?

Notes may be added to any candidate record in JobScore.

Note templates pre-populate the text of notes and are only available to customers on the Scale or Enterprise Plan. Note templates may be used by anyone who has access to JobScore, but may only be added, edited and deleted by users with administrative privileges.



When adding a note you can easily toggle to choose a template:


Many organizations try to collect feedback in a structured and systematic way - asking the same questions at specific points in the interview process. Note templates are great for building interview scripts and capturing structured feedback - you can do this for multiple steps of the interview process, including:

  • Recruiter Phone Screens
  • Hiring Manager Phone Interviews
  • Onsite interview feedback collection
  • Reference check calls

Note templates can help make sure things don't fall through the cracks - prompting the team to ask specific questions and enter specific feedback at each step of the hiring process.

This feedback on Note Templates can also include Ratings. Ratings provide an objective, consistent, and constructive way of assessing candidates’ skills.  To learn more about how Ratings can work for you, read the tutorial, or click here to learn how to set them up.

Finally, Note templates can be used to capture why candidates don't work out or withdraw from the interview process.

Have more questions or want to see Note Templates in action? Contact support for a walk through!

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