What are Custom Email Templates?

When actively recruiting you can often find yourself sending similar emails over and over again. Custom email templates automate candidate email correspondence, eliminating thousands of clicks and keystrokes every month for customers on the JobScore Scale or Enterprise Plan.



Examples of custom email templates include:

  • Standard Decline: Create multiple varieties of "thanks but no thanks" messages... i.e. one for referrals, one to send after phone interviews, one for future interest candidates, one to send after onsite interviews, etc.
  • Screening Times: Contact candidates to ask when they are free to connect
  • Confirm [Recruiter, Phone, Onsite] Screen / Interview: Confirm phone screens and interviews + send candidates directions and other interviewing instructions
  • Job Filled Notification: Notify pending candidates when a role has been filled
  • Request References: Request references from candidates



See the full list of email templates in your account here.


Email templates capabilities:

  • Associate templates with specific candidate stages to further automate your workflow. For instance, you can configure a template so that whenever you send an interview confirmation email the candidate is moved to the "Interviewing" workflow status.
  • Select the "From" sender - you can choose to send email templates anonymously, as yourself, or even as another user. For instance, you could set up an interview confirmation emails template to always come from your recruiting coordinator independent of who sends the email (so all candidate responses with interview availability are routed to the right person).
  • Enable email templates to be auto-sent with one click, and bulk-auto-sent to up to 100 candidates at a time.
  • Add custom fields to the subject and message body of email templates. Templates can be configured to automatically insert information like the candidate's name, sender's name and email address, the job title and more. Learn more about custom database fields and email templates.
  • You can add up to 3 document attachments to each email template. This is useful if you need to send candidates job application forms, tests, questionnaires, non disclosure agreements, work samples or anything else. You just attach the document to your template and off it goes - no need to fish for documents on your desktop every time.
  • Only admins can add, edit and delete custom email templates, but everyone can see and send them.

More information about email and JobScore:

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