What are Standard Email Templates?

Standard Email templates are for the every day messages that JobScore sends out to both users and candidates and are available for everyone. These templates can be customized by admins from the Email Templates page. Standard Templates Include:

  • Invite User: The subject and message inserted into the email sent to new users when you invite them.
  • Share Job By Email: The subject and message inserted when you email your contacts about a job at your company.
  • Profile Purchased: The subject and message inserted into the email you use to contact candidates after purchasing their profile from the JobScore network.
  • Search Firm: Request Candidates: The subject and message to the search firms you have synced with your account
  • Referral Reward Notification: The subject and message sent to notify team members of a referral reward that has been added to job they can referral candidates for.
  • Request Referrals: The subject and message sent out to ask team members to submit referrals for specific positions in JobScore.  Includes job description and reward information.
  • Notify search firms they can no longer submit candidates: The subject and message to notify search firms that you are no longer accepting candidates.
  • Ask coworkers to apply for internal jobs: The subject and message inserted to request a colleague to apply for an open position listed in JobScore.
  • Ask coworkers to review and contribute to job: The subject and message inserted when you have created a job in JobScore but you are looking for a second pair of eyes to make sure it looks great before posting.

Standard email templates are not only editable, they are dynamic. You can add custom database fields to email templates, setting them up to automatically insert information like the candidate's name, sender's name and email address, the job title they applied for and more.

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In addition to these standard email templates you can add custom email templates, but this is a feature restricted to those who upgrade to a Professional or Enterprise account.

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