What are note alert emails? How do they work?

Note alerts are email messages that are sent to your co-workers when you add a note to a candidate in JobScore. Note alerts let you know immediately when a colleague adds feedback to a candidate so you don't have to log in and keep an eye out for feedback... When someone else adds a note - BOOM! it shows up in your inbox.

Here's how note alert emails work:

Every job in JobScore includes a hiring team. Each member of the hiring team can choose on a case by case basis if they want to be notified when notes are added to candidates under consideration for that job.

There are two places you can control who is receiving note alerts:

  • Click into a specific job and edit the hiring team assignments and alert controls.
  • Click on a user record and edit all of their alert controls at once. You can do that for yourself on your own edit alerts page, and admins can find other users and edit their alerting controls from the users page. Here's where you turn them on and off:


  • Note alerts for regular notes include the full text of the note & attachments.
  • Each note alert includes a series of links for actions that you'd normally want to perform after reading the note, like adding another note, sending an email to the candidate or logging a task.
  • Note Alerts are not sent out where the candidate has been declined for the assigned job. This restriction was added in response to customer complaints about notes generating too many alerts on candidates with multiple job assignments.

When you combine note alerts with the "notes inbox" included in our email tracking upgrade it becomes very easy to discuss candidates and capture conversations without logging into JobScore.