How can my team discuss candidates and add notes without logging into JobScore?

We understand that it can be difficult to get hiring managers and other team members to log in and add candidate feedback in JobScore. It feels like we've tried everything to make this easier and in the end here's what we learned: don't ask them to log in.

A key part of our Email Tracking upgrade is the ability for your entire team to add notes directly into JobScore without logging in and drive entire discussions about people through just their email inbox.

Here's how it works:

  1. Make sure everyone who needs to be in on the conversation for a specific job is on the hiring team and has note alerts turned on.

  2. Encourage people to reply to email messages when they receive new candidate alerts and/or note alerts from other people.

  3. Watch the magic happen

    As people add notes, others on the hiring team will be notified and be able to reply themselves - so conversations that typically fly around in email and get lost in will now all be saved-and-searchable in JobScore.


A few pro tips:

  1. If you don't want everyone to see a note and discuss it, make it private. Learn how to make notes private and share them with just a few colleagues >>.
  2. Send "Forward Candidate" emails the day-of interviews... the candidate's profile will show up in your team's inbox. Here's the important part: train your team to NOT DELETE the email until they complete their interview. Then, after they finish their interview they can just pop into their email, hit reply, type up their feedback and it will show up in the system. So the forward candidate email will serve two purposes - to remind them to review the candidate's profile before the interview and as a reminder to add feedback afterwards.
  3. JobScore emails are optimized for use on mobile phones, so team members can participate in discussions or add feedback from wherever they are very easily. Meeting a candidate in a coffee shop? Great - add feedback as soon as you are done using your mobile!