How do I share notes about a candidate with my colleagues?

By default all notes in Jobscore are shared with your team. Here's how it works:

  • People with user level access can only read their own notes
  • People with administrative level access to jobscore can read their own notes and all non-private notes created by other users and admins.

There are also private notes, here's how they work

  • By default, private notes can only be read by the person who created them
  • When you make a note private you can choose to share it with other users, but you'll be asked to add them when you add or edit the note.

These rules control who can see what note when they click on a candidate record in Jobscore.

To proactively share notes in JobScore you can either cut-and-paste the URL of the candidate's notes page and email it to a colleague for them to review, or use Note Alerts. Note Alerts are set up on a user-by-user / job-by-job basis and send out email notifications when new notes are added.

You can also reply to note alert emails and have the text of your email added as a note. This "reply to" Note Inbox combined with Note Alerts makes it so that you can very easily discuss and share notes about candidates across the hiring team all without logging in.