Why aren't my emails to JobScore working?

** Before you start to troubleshooting, please you've read our guide to Email Tracking in JobScore. **

If you send email to JobScore and it doesn't work, the cause is usually one of the following:

General issues:

  1. You must be a registered user to send emails to JobScore

    To send emails to JobScore you must be a registered member of your employer account. All users can use all inboxes but you must be added as a user for them to work!
    Admins can add new users to your JobScore account here >>

  2. You are not on a plan that includes the email tracking feature

    Email tracking is only available to employers that are on our Professional and Enterprise plans. You can upgrade your account here >>

  3. Your email address is not entered correctly in JobScore

    JobScore will only process messages from email addresses associated with users in your account. If you have a typo in your email address either in JobScore or your email client, it will bounce. Sometimes the problem could be that you are using an email alias, i.e. your email client sends messages as jsmith@example.com but you entered john.smith@example.com as your email in JobScore. JobScore will need your email in JobScore and the "From:" address in your email client to precisely match each other.

  4. You sent an email from an email address not listed in JobScore

    If you want to send messages to JobScore from more than one email address, please add all of the email addresses you use here >>

  5. You sent an email that references a candidate email address that is not in JobScore

    Many candidates use more than one email address. If a candidate originally applies for a job with one email address and then starts corresponding with you from another it JobScore won't be able to figure that out - you'll need to edit the email address on the candidate's record for JobScore to correctly process messages about them.

Email Inbox Issues:

  1. You sent an email directly to your email inbox

    Your email inbox is for tracking communication with candidates, so it's intended to receive cc:, bcc: and forwarded emails only. If you send an email directly to: bcc@inbox.jobscore.com and it doesn't contain a cc:, bcc: or forwarded email address, JobScore doesn't know which candidate to assign the email to and the email will bounce.

  2. You removed the "Fwd:" or "FW:" tag from an email forwarded to bcc@inbox.jobscore.com

    You need to include the "Fwd:" or "FW:" tag in the subject line of forwarded emails. When you forward emails to bcc@inbox.jobscore.com that tag lets JobScore know what to do with the email. Please don't edit the subject lines generated by your email client when forwarding emails into JobScore.

  3. You forwarded an email to bcc@inbox.jobscore.com that does not include the candidate's email address

    If you are forwarding an email to bcc@inbox.jobscore.com, the body of the forwarded email must include the contact's from email address (i.e. From: Buster Wegley <buster.wegley@grmail.com>).

    Without the "From:" part of the email, JobScore wont' be able to associate the email with a candidate. If your email client doesn't include"From:" information automatically when you forward messages, you can always just manually insert it at the top of your email, we'll take it from there.

  4. The "From:" header in the quoted body of the email is missing, malformed or not in English

    In forwarded emails, JobScore looks for "From: person@example.com" in the header included in the body of your email message. If the "From:" header is missing, malformed or not in English, it won't work. You'll need to fix this or rename it to English for JobScore to process your email correctly. (Sorry, JobScore only speaks English for now).

    Learn more about your Email Inbox >>

Resume Inbox Issues:

  1. You are trying to forward email from another email address to resume@inbox.jobscore.com

    JobScore does not support forwarding emails from a different address into your resume inbox. This means you can't forward emails from your company's jobs@ or careers@ email address directly into JobScore. The resume inbox is designed to be a means for your entire team to easily add referrals directly to your account, not to replace our web-based application process.

  2. You are trying to email in more than one resume (or attachment) at a time

    Your resume inbox can only process one resume at a time. Please include only one attachment in emails you send to resume@inbox.jobscore.com. If you need to add more information about the candidate, please include it in the body of the email message... whatever information you include in the message body will be added as an HTML formatted note on the candidate's record.

  3. You are trying to forward in an attachment that is not a resume

    JobScore runs the attachments you include through a resume parser. If you try to send in documents that are not resumes, it's likely they won't parse and the resume won't be added to JobScore.

  4. You are forwarding in a resume that does not have selectable text

    JobScore's resume parser requires that the resume attachment you forward have selectable text for it to parse to figure out the candidate's name, employer and more. If you try to forward in a resume that was created using a vector graphics program like Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator or Macromedia Fireworks, It's likely not to work. JobScore can only process resumes with selectable text in .doc, .docx, .html, .rtf, .txt and .pdf format. The way to verify if a .pdf has selectable text is to open the document and see if you can drag your mouse over the text.

  5. You are trying to email in a resume for a candidate that is already in JobScore.

    JobScore runs a series of duplicate checks to see if you already have a specific candidate in your account. If we find a candidate that looks like the one you are sending in, you won't be able to add the resume by email. Try adding the candidate through the web ui, or visiting the existing record and updating it with your new resume.

    Learn more about your Resume Inbox >>

Notes inbox Issues:

  1. Your notes inbox only works when you reply directly to emails sent to you from JobScore.
  2. To add a note by sending an email to JobScore you must reply to an email that was previously sent directly to you from JobScore that has ## reply above this line ## at the top of the message.
  3. Trying to respond to emails forwarded to you by colleagues or trying to compose emails to: add notes directly into JobScore will not work.
  4. To make it easier for you and your team to add notes by email, please add them as users and forward them candidates to start conversations with them that will be captured in JobScore.

Learn more about your Notes Inbox >>