Email Inboxes 101: How do I forward, cc, bcc and email into JobScore?

Your JobScore account includes 3 email inboxes. Depending on what information you want to enter into JobScore, you'll need to use a different email address:


If you want to capture candidate email correspondence you can forward messages by sending them to: or sending them to: the candidate and adding to the bcc line of your email.


Drag the resume document into a message and email it to:


The note inbox does not have a specific email address. JobScore users can add notes by simply hitting reply when they receive candidate alert and note alert emails from JobScore.


Every user in JobScore in your JobScore account can send emails to the inbox addresses above. If anyone tries to send in an email from an email address associated with a user in your account, we'll log that they added the note, email or resume.

If a user wants to send in emails from an address that's not currently on their record, they can update their list of emails here >>

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