I need to send a bulk email to many candidates. How do I do that?

JobScore has a mass email option available, but caution the use of this feature. Reason being is that there is no unsubscribe or "opt out" link so if you are going to use it, please make sure you are only sending emails to folks that want to receive your emails. If you aren't 100% sure, we suggest building your candidate list in JobScore and downloading the list to a CSV file.

If you are 100% sure, here's a walk through of the steps for mass mailing:

  1. Create an Email Template (Scale and Enterprise Plans) and associate it with an active (or decline) stage.
  2. The Auto-send box must be checked.


  3. You can only send the template to candidates that are currently assigned to a job.
    • Build a list of candidates in the Candidate Manager / by job by refining the filter, keeping in mind that the candidates must be assigned to a job.
    • Select 100 candidates per page in the filter (you can only send 100 emails at a time).
  4. Click the checkbox at the top of the table to select every row.


  5. Click Change Stage > Active > Select the stage that has the email associated with it. Voila!


Having any difficulty? Please contact support@jobscore.com.