How do I create a tracking link for all of our jobs that will be attributed a specific source (or referrer)?

Sometimes you don’t want to market a specific job, but you need to promote that your company is hiring and provide a link to all of your jobs.

When you do this, you’ll often want to know if your marketing activity generated applicants. A few examples of when you might want to do this include:

  • One or more employees want to advertise the fact you are hiring on their personal blog or website.
  • You’re going to be covered in the press and want them to include a link to your jobs page and attribute the article as a candidate source.
  • You are going to be purchasing traditional advertising on other sites (Google adwords, display on Yahoo, whatever).

The JobScore user interface is designed to make it easy to syndicate and track specific jobs through job posting and social network sharing for individual jobs, but if you want to create a tracking link that points to all of your jobs at once, you’ll need to take a few additional steps to create a link.

This requires three main steps:

  1. Figure out the tracking code for the specific source / referrer combination you need
  2. Identify the default jobs list page in JobScore for all your jobs.
  3. Add the tracking code to the end of the default jobs list page url (then post it!)

Here are step by step instructions on how to do this:

Step 1: Create Your Tracking Link

Visit any job page in your JobScore account and click Create Tracking Link.


Using LinkedIn as an example, select "Job Board" in the Source drop down list and then “LinkedIn” in Job Board drop down list. Click the Create Link button and your Tracking Link will appear:

Select the shortened tracking link URL and right click to copy the link. Open a new browser tab and paste the shortened URL into your browser. Click enter to bring up the page.

You should now see a job page with a different, longer URL. This URL will be long but you’ll see that there is a question mark (?) towards the end of the link. Select all of the text in the URL from the question mark through to the end and right click to copy it.

NOTE: If you choose both a primary and secondary source (i.e. other / joe’s blog) as well as a referrer (i.e. check the referrer box and put in first name = joe, last name = blow, email = the tracking code will be really long. This is fine, just select everything after the question mark and keep going.

Step 2: Find your Jobs list page

Visit the public jobs list page for your company - every JobScore account has one. Admins can find this page by clicking on Admin > Careers Site. Everyone else can just go to your careers site, visit any job description and then click the Back to Jobs List link at the bottom of the description. The job list page follows a specific URL format, showing the JobScore domain then /jobs/ then your account code (company name) - so it should look something like this:


NOTE: This will not work for the widget, any pages on your domain or custom RSS integrations, only a full JobScore list page.

Step 3: Add the tracking code to your jobs list page URL

Go to your Careers Site URL and click in to the URL bar at the end and paste your tracking link code (the ?+ content) after the URL.


Click enter and the page should rebuild (i.e. it will look exactly the same). Select and copy this URL. You now have a tracking link for all your jobs attributed to a specific source that you can place anywhere on the web.

When people click on this link they’ll see a complete list of jobs and when they click on one and apply, the desired source information will be pre-populated.