Create a Landing Page

Jobscore Job Widgets make it easy for talented people to see your jobs and click to apply.  You can easily add widgets to your company's careers page, about us page, blog or any other page your company controls that allows you to edit HTML.

Basic instructions on creating widgets may be found here.

Careers/Jobs Page Integration

The easiest integration option is add a single widget to the careers/jobs page on your company web site.

Here's an example integration showing open positions grouped by Department:


 Notice that the Jobs Widget allows you to exactly match the exact look and feel of website including font size, color and more.

Landing Pages

Sometimes you don't want to list all of your jobs in one place, but instead would prefer to drive job seekers to specific pages where they can learn more about jobs in a specific department or a specific location. In this case you would create a specific widget for each page filtered to only show jobs for the relevant department or location.

Here's an example of a Sales & Business Development micro-career-page:

To create landing pages you are likely going to need some help from a web developer. Please ask them to consult the job widget documentation for developers located here.