Install the Job Widget on your careers site

This step requires the ability to edit your company website. Can't do that? Ask a coworker for help >>

A great way to share your open jobs is through your Careers page on your website.  JobScore makes it easy to embed your open jobs using the Job Widget in just a few easy steps.  You will want to make sure the widget looks awesome on the Widget Builder.  Once you're satisfied with the style of the widget, click the 'Add this jobs widget to your website >>' button below the Widget Preview panel:


A dialog box with the embed code to add to your website will appear.


Copy and paste this code exactly as it appears into an email to your web developer. Tell the developer which page and which location you'd like the Jobs Widget to appear. The code contains instructions in the comments for your developer to install the widget and should render the jobs seamlessly on the page.

If the developer has any questions, suggest they review this page and/or our instructions on how to embed widgets on your careers page.

If you have any questions with widgets, please don't hesitate to contact us.