How to Request Referrals

Referrals are by far the #1 source of top performing employees and JobScore gives you lots of tools to help drive more referrals. Here's a short primer on how to rev up your company's referral engine using JobScore.

Step 1: Invite everyone

We don't charge per user because we know that the easiest way for you to be successful is to have the entire company help you recruit and promote jobs. You never know where that perfect candidate is going to come from, so just ask everyone to help. First things first though: everyone needs to be added to JobScore. Go here to learn how to add new team members in JobScore.

Step 2: Ask employees to share with their networks

Prompt people to share! It's in the team's best interest to help hire the best people. With JobScore, you can send co-workers an email prompting them to share a job with their own networks. Here’s how to involve your co-workers:

  1. While viewing the Job Manager click into the action menu.
  2. Click Request Referrals.
  3. Select the co-workers you’d like to share the job with. You can add employees by clicking Add User. Note: Hold down Ctrl while selecting non-contiguous names.
  4. Edit the subject line and message, if you like!  Make sure to note the referral reward.
  5. Click Send.

Step 3: Communicate activity and results.

With JobScore, you can view detailed reports on who is sharing and who is generating results on your jobs. Here’s how you access this information:

  1. While viewing the Job Manager, under Activity, click the link for Shares.
  2. In the Employee Sharing section, click "Show Who's Sharing". This will display the name and details for co-workers who have shared jobs.

If you’d like to increase participation levels after a couple of weeks, here are some additional things to do:

  • Tweak the job description
  • Increase the reward if it’s a critical job
  • Share the job with co-workers again