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How many jobs do you have to set up in JobScore?

  • If you have 1 or 2 jobs to set up now, you can skip the steps below and go straight to Add a Job and Post a Job.
  • If you’re posting 3 to 5 jobs and want to get set up on your own, read on about configuring options and settings.
  • Or maybe you're hiring like crazy and have more than five jobs to set up? Or moving from another application tracking system? Call JobScore’s professional services team at (415) 904-9900. They’ll get you up and running rápidamente.

OK; let’s do this! If you have just a few jobs to post and you want to hammer this out yourself, read on.

If you are going to add more than one job, we recommend you do the following steps first, so that you can use the information in all of your job postings.

Configure Options & Settings

Nearly all of the configuration will happen in the Admin tab, including the following actions:

  • Add Locations: Locations are any office or city in which you’ll be hiring. You’ll need the full address to add the location.

    Click here to add locations.

  • Add Departments: Departments are the groups within your company that are hiring. Make it easy for candidates to find all the relevant jobs you’re hiring for.

    Click here to add departments.

  • Add Users: Users are anyone who will be hiring, reviewing, or interviewing candidates. Read more about assigning user types here.

    Click here to add users.

  • Add Job Description Templates: Job Description Templates allow you to create a master template to create new jobs from. The template automatically pulls in your “About Us” company blurb and will reflect a consistent structure and format.

    Click here to create a job description template.

    Pro Tip: Need help creating your About Us paragraph? Click here to learn more!

  • Add Your Company Logo: Your logo will be included in email templates, job postings and social network shares.

    Click here to add your company logo.


Good work, champ. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

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