How Will Your Organization Use JobScore? Here's Our Kickoff Plan

Getting JobScore up and running is quick and easy. Use the checklist below to make sure you don’t skip anything important. Each step links to an article with step-by-step instructions and helpful tips & tricks.

Prepare and Gather Information

Define Your Goals & Objectives: How do you want to use JobScore? How will you know if it is a success?

  1. Gather Job Information: job descriptions, hiring teams, and rewards for all current openings
  2. Gather Company Information: current standard "About Us" copy, perks & benefits, office images & video, current Jobs/Careers page, referral rewards program
  3. Map Out Users (Hiring Team) & Their Roles

Map Out Job Boards: know where you are currently posting

  1. Select Additional Job Boards: decide where you want to post to in the future; determine budget & payment

Set Up Your JobScore Account

  1. Configure Options & Settings: locations, departments, job template, and sources
  2. Add Your Hiring Team
  3. Add Jobs
  4. Set Up Your Careers Site: easily integrate JobScore into your company's website


  1. Invite Your Hiring Team to JobScore

Build Pipeline

  1. Post Jobs to Job Boards
  2. Request Referrals
  3. Share Jobs with Your Network
  4. Load Legacy Candidates into JobScore