Map Out Users & Their Roles

Or, Who's Coming to The Hiring Party?

What happened the last time you moved?

Use this super scientific quiz to help you determine how you might want to proceed in setting up your JobScore account.

  1. You unpacked and arranged everything yourself, obsessing over the feng shui of your entryway, before you invited your friends over to see your sweet new pad. OR
  2. You threw an unpacking party and let the pizza guy choose which the drawer in your kitchen for the silverware.

 We like everything organized, efficient, and intuitive, so we recommend that when you set up JobScore, you create a list of Users and Admins (your team) and add them to the system during your initial set up, but wait to invite them to use JobScore until after you’ve entered all of your jobs and company information. That way they can’t mess up the beautiful and precise organization you’ve brought to your account, and they’ll be more likely to use it in the manner which you intended.

However, if you are the sort of person who doesn’t mind a little mess with your hiring, go nuts and add and invite your team at the same time. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you. This is us, warning you.

JobScore is designed to get everyone involved in hiring, so that you can fill jobs faster and with fewer email headaches. Every company is different, and hires differently. Your company might even have different hiring practices across departments. So JobScore gives you the flexibility to customize your team’s permissions for what hiring information they can see and change.

Once you've added a User or Admin, you can assign them to a specific job as a member of the hiring team. Each member of the hiring team receives alerts about the jobs they are responsible for — they'll know when candidates apply for their jobs, and watch them move through the pipeline when they log in for easy review and dispositioning.

Step 1: Get to Know JobScore User Types

There are two types of team members in JobScore: Admins and Users. This controls what a user can see and do. In JobScore, you'll assign each team member to one user type.

What’s the difference?


Who should be assigned which user type?

Typically, Recruiters & HR are assigned as Administrators. Hiring Managers & Interviews are Users.

Pro Tip: Consider who on your team will be adding and posting new jobs. Make that person an Admin so he can post new jobs as soon as they are created.

Step 2: Select Appropriate Roles for Your Team Members

The team member's role determines which notifications each team member will receive, based on his or her role in the hiring process. When assigned to a hiring team, alert frequency is based on role.

Default settings for each role:

  • Recruiter: Immediately (JobScore sends an email every time a candidate applies)

  • Hiring Manager: Immediately (JobScore sends an email every time a candidate applies)

  • Human Resources: Daily Digest (Once daily email summarizing all applications)

  • Interviewer: Never

  • Other: Never

Now that you know who’s who, Add Your Team to JobScore >>